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Marine surveys are critically important for every boat buyer, owner, and/or operator. Marine surveying is the practice of inspecting boats to determine condition, safety, and market value. These detailed inspections typically include the structure, machinery, and equipment (navigational, safety, radio, etc.) and the general condition of a vessel as well as its current value.

Marine surveying is a comprehensive process that generally involves NDT (Non-destructive testing) methods to investigate the condition of the entire craft with all systems such as Hull and Deck structure, machinery, electrical, plumbing, navigational, propulsion, safety, and other systems.

Our accredited Marine Surveyors will evaluate the boat’s systems and structure in and out of the water, looking for problems that could require expensive repairs, or that make the boat unseaworthy. Learn more about Marine Surveys by visiting the following pages:

Marine Survey Hull inspection
Marine survey in progress
Marine Surveys for Insurance

Insurance Surveys

Insurance surveys are crucial in protecting your vessel, ensuring compliance with insurance requirements, and determining your vessel’s current fair market value. In this blog post, we will explore the requirements and benefits of marine surveys for insurance, including the process, advantages, compliance matters, and the importance of ensuring adequate insurance coverage. Continue Reading >>>

Marine Surveys and Thermal Imaging

Benefits of Thermal Imaging ‘n Marine Surveying: What Can It Reveal?

Introducing the unseen world of thermal imaging in marine surveying! As yacht owners, we understand that keeping our vessels in prime condition is a top priority. But what if we could see beyond what meets the eye? Let’s unveil thermal imaging, a cutting-edge technology that brings a whole new dimension to marine surveys. In this blog post, we will dive into the fascinating realm of thermal imaging and explore how it enhances marine surveys by revealing hidden issues, improving safety, and optimizing vessel performance. Get ready to discover the power of seeing the unseen with thermal imaging! Continue reading >>>

Marine Surveys and Thermography