• How to Rename a Boat
    A Step-by-Step Guide for Renaming Your Boat to Ensure Smooth Sailing How to Rename a Boat is one of the most common boating questions. Boat names hold a special place in the hearts of their owners, for they become an integral part of the boat’s identity. It’s like giving your boat a unique personality, a name that… Read more: How to Rename a Boat
  • Sea Shanties
    The Timeless Songs of Sailors that Blend Function and Folklore Let’s take journey back in time to the age of sail, where the seas were rough, the winds were high, and the work was hard. As sailors worked tirelessly to navigate their ships through stormy waters and treacherous conditions, they turned to a unique form of music… Read more: Sea Shanties
  • How Thermal Imaging Enhances Marine Surveys.
    Introducing the unseen world of thermal imaging in marine surveys! As yacht owners, we understand that keeping our vessels in prime condition is a top priority. But what if we could see beyond what meets the eye? Let’s unveil thermal imaging, a cutting-edge technology that brings a whole new dimension to marine surveys. In this blog post,… Read more: How Thermal Imaging Enhances Marine Surveys.
  • Marine Insurance Surveys
    Marine surveying for insurance purposes is crucial in protecting your vessel, ensuring compliance with insurance requirements and determination of your vessels current fair market value. In this blog post, we will explore the requirements and benefits of marine surveying for insurance, including the process, advantages, compliance matters, and the importance of ensuring adequate insurance coverage.
  • Do you have enough Juice?
    Pre-Season Battery Inspection and Maintenance Most of us have had a long wait to meet our boats and understandably we are all impatient to leave the dock as soon as possible. But don’t forget, patience is a very important aspect of good seamanship. So, don’t push your boat away from the dock until she is fully ready!… Read more: Do you have enough Juice?
  • Post-Quarantine Spring Commissioning
    On top of a long and cold winter, recent Covid19 outbreak kept most of us away from our boats, longer than usual. This year’s spring commissioning will be quite different than the earlier ones, because of time pressure and extended left alone period of the boats. Below, is a list of quick tips in order to help… Read more: Post-Quarantine Spring Commissioning
  • Sailors Superstitions – Part II
    Continuing from the previous post… Sailors superstitions are unique beliefs held by sailors or mariners, traditionally widespread globally… More sailors superstitions….. Never Rename a Ship Probably the most feared one of all sailors superstitions…. After a ship is named and christened, changing the name of the ship is considered bad luck. According to legend, each ship’s name… Read more: Sailors Superstitions – Part II
  • Sailors’ superstitions beyond borders
    Sailors’ superstitions are another good sign that Seamanship or sailing is literally beyond borders… Skills, rules, and practices are mostly the same all around the globe… Even the lore of the sea is more or less the same beyond local cultures. This side of the sea fascinates me the most… like being a member of a global… Read more: Sailors’ superstitions beyond borders