Marine Survey Process

marine survey process

Understanding the Marine Survey Process beforehand is very important and beneficial both for the client and the surveyor. Here is how we do it at the Blue Matter

Quote Request: The client inquired about a quote. A quote request must include the boat make, model and year, survey location, the purpose of the survey and/or scope. Any additional information about the boat on the subject would be very helpful for the surveyor such as HIN, full equipment list, etc.

Quote: The surveyor submits the quote to the client. A quote must include the cost, payment terms, timeline and the scope of the survey will be carried out. The surveyor provides additional information as needed.

Confirmation and Payment: The client signs and confirms the quote, including the survey agreement and makes the payment as instructed in the quote.

Research: Surveyor performs a pre-survey research on the subject boat through its HIN and checks the claims history of the boat (f there are any previous hurricane damage or right off) Also investigates the make and model of the subject boat n order to determine if there are any known problem areas and/or design challenges.

Preparation: The owner or representative (Captain or Agent) is responsible to prepare the boat for the survey. A preparation checklist will be provided by the surveyor based on the scope of the particular survey. Learn more about How to prepare the boat for the survey.

Survey: The day of the survey, the surveyor goes inspects the boat according to the agreed scope. Documents all deficiencies and faults by testing, photograph and video and collects all available evidence.

Report writing and submission: The surveyor prepares the report based on survey findings and supports with the collected evidence. Examines all of the findings comparing to the applicable standards (ABYC, Class, State etc.)Submits to the client by the agreed date.

Client Briefing: The final step of the Marine Survey Process is the Client Briefing. The surveyor carries out a briefing to the client to discuss survey findings, recommendations, and possible next steps.