Types of Marine Surveys

Types of Marine Surveys

Even though most comprehensive marine surveys are usually prepurchase surveys but still not every marine survey is equal. The purpose of the survey, size, complexity condition of the subject vessel, and the needs of the client, require different scopes for different types of marine surveys. Some common types of marine surveys in the maritime industry are as follows;

Common Types of Marine Surveys

Pre-purchase Condition and Value surveys

Pre-Purchase Condition and Value surveys are one of the most common types of marine surveys and are performed when you’re buying a used boat. These are comprehensive inspections that include the entire boat and its propulsion systems, though with very large, expensive boats, separate engine surveys are sometimes performed. In the case of large sailboats, additional rigging surveys may be necessary.

Insurance C&V surveys

Insurance C&Vs are essentially the same thing, but since they’re done solely for insurance purposes they’re generally less comprehensive and stick to a list of specific items that the insurance company wants to be checked before covering a boat.

Appraisal Surveys

This type of marine survey is performed to identify a boat’s approximate value. Usually, these are required in cases of divorce or estate settlements, although in some cases a lender may require one before financing a boat.

Damage Surveys

Damage surveys may be necessary after a storm or accident damage. They determine the extent of the damage and the cost of repairs. Often these are required by insurance companies after an unfortunate incident.

New Build Surveys

New yacht surveys are necessary for boats that are being built to the client’s order. They’re performed for custom-built yachts and may take place over time, with the surveyor visiting the manufacturer several times to check on construction as the boat or yacht is being built.

Acceptance survey

It is usually for a newly delivered vessel but can be for used vessels too. The scope can vary enormously according to the client’s requirements and might include any level of detail from a check of equipment and safety gear to a sea trial, through to a full pre-purchase survey to check the quality of workmanship and materials used.

Refit Acceptance survey

Refit acceptance surveys are performed after a yacht undergoes a major refit. The surveyor inspects the completed work according to the standards, rules, and regulations, and also documents the quality of workmanship.

Limited Scope Surveys

Some special cases do not require a full survey and only part of the boat may need to be inspected (e.g. rigging, steering, hull, etc.). This is called a limited scope survey and whilst less expensive than a full survey, the client must understand its limitations. The most common limited-scope surveys are as follows: hull and bulkheads, steering system, powertrain, electrical systems, rigging, safety gear, and systems.

Sea Trial

A sea trial usually is an essential part of a condition and value survey. But in some cases cannot be done due to special circumstances such as the boat cannot be launched before a specific date. A sea trial can be arranged separately or can be ordered by the customer as a limited-scope survey. This type of survey covers the performance and condition of the boat’s powertrain, running rigging (if applicable), electronics and other navigation systems, and other equipment that can only be tested underway. Here is more about sea trials…

What type of Marine Survey do you need?

Tell us about your expectations about the survey and we tailor the scope for you accordingly. Whether you need a full scope pre-purchase survey, including the fair market value of the boat/yacht you are interested in… Or you need one single boat system to be inspected professionally… We are here to help.