Buying a boat in Turkey?

You’ve found your dream boat, but thousands of miles far from home. No problem… We are ready to assist you with wide variety of services.


Marine Survey in Turkey

Initial Assessments

You want to be sure about the current condition of the boat. We can offer you a quick initial assessment at a fraction of the cost.

Marine surveys in turkey

Pre-purchase surveys

Prepurchase surveys are comprehensive inspections that include the entire boat systems including structural integrity and its propulsion systems. Plus yacht market value analysis through international sold boat databases.

Marine Survey Thermal imaging


Thermal imaging is an advanced NDT technique that helps to inspect the hull and superstructure for suspicious anomalies like trapped moisture, delamination as well as faults in the electrical and exhaust systems. In Blue Matter, we use thermography frequently.

Oil Analysis for marine survey

Oil Analysis

Analyzing the oil in your boat is like blood test in medicine. An engine oil analysis can provide clues about the health of your engine – without any invasive surgery. In Blue Matter, we do oil sampling and analysis through independent laboratories.

Sea Trials

A sea trial usually is an essential part of a surveys. A sea trial covers the performance and condition of the boat’s powertrain, running rigging (if applicable), electronics and other navigation systems and other equipment that can only be tested underway.

Yacht value analysis

Market Value Analysis

We offer comprehensive yacht market value analysis through international sold boat databases.

Blue Matter Marine consulting offer one of the best Marine Survey services in Turkey and Eastern Mediterranean. Among the all qualified, experienced yacht surveyors, Blue Matter has a very high rate of referrals and repeat businesses. Mustafa Aksut is a highly qualified and experienced marine surveyor who is a professional member of ABYC and accredited as Master Marine Surveyor by Navtech – US Surveyors Association and If you need Marine Surveyors in Turkey, contact us today.