Pendik Marina

Pendik Marina


Batı, Sahilyolu Cad. 9/1, 34890 Pendik/İstanbul


40°52’04” N – 29°14’23” E
VHF Hailing Channel : 73
Pendik Marina Weather

Pendik Marina (a.k.a İstanbul City Port) is owned and operated by Marinturk that also owns 3 other marinas in Gocek region.

Pendik marina is only 6 miles from Princess Islands, and is close enough to access all the beauties of the Bosphorus, providing floating pontoons and a 752 mooring capacity.

Pendik Marina (a.k.a İstanbul City Port) is located next to Tuzla, a key area of the Turkish yachting industry. Tuzla accomodates world class boat yards and yacht building facilities. Tuzla area offers launch and haul out up to 200 tons, and all kinds of yacht repair & maintenance facilities as well as various chandleries and dealers.





Concierge/Front Office, Restaurant, Bar

Yes. We offer Marine Surveys in the Istanbul Turkey area. Please contact us for availability and scheduling.

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